What Have You Got To Be Thankful For?

During this week of Thanksgiving, we hear from many people and businesses and all of the things they are thankful for. Quik Kill is no different. We are using our Facebook and Twitter accounts as one way to list what we want to give thanks for.

One of the blessings we will list this week are bugs and pests. It probably seems obvious, but without these little critters, Quik Kill wouldn’t exist and you would never have a reason to call us. While we were thinking about why we are thankful for bugs, it brought to mind another story about giving thanks for bugs, in particular, fleas.

Corrie ten Boom was born and raised in Holland. In 1940, she was imprisoned by the Nazis along with her father and sister for hiding Jewish people in their home. Soon after their arrest, Corrie’s father died in a prison camp. Corrie and her sister were moved to a couple different camps and at one point a small Bible was smuggled to Corrie by a nurse. The sisters’ last transfer was to a notorious German concentration camp named Ravensbruck. By a stroke of luck, Corrie wasn’t searched when she was admitted to the camp and managed to sneak the Bible in undetected. Ravensbruck was particularily horrible, and the sisters only source of hope and comfort was the smuggled Bible but Corrie constantly feared it would be found. However, the cell where the sisters were held was infested with fleas so much so that the women could not move with out being instantly covered by bugs. Corrie’s sister told her she should be thankful for the fleas. It was hard for Corrie to do this, but the truth of the matter was that the fleas kept the guards out of the prisoners’ cells. Therefore the sisters were able to read their Bible in peace without fear of being discovered. Once Corrie realized this, she did indeed start giving thanks for the fleas.

It is sometimes easy to take for granted all of the comforts we are so fortunate to have. Probably people’s first reaction to a mouse or roach in their house isn’t to give thanks, but maybe we should. We should be thankful that we have a home for pests to invade. We should be thankful we have the means to purchase a mouse trap or hire a pest control company. We should also be grateful for the freedom to choose between many different DIY options and pest control companies without our choices being mandated by some oppresive government.

Giving thanks may also have a positive effect on our physical and mental health. The New York Times ran an article this week that said, “Cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety & depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behaviour towards others.” They suggest keeping a gratitude journal as a constant reminder for all the things that are good in your life.

With so many positive reasons to give thanks, we hope you take some time this week and every week to pay attention to the blessings in your life and give thanks for all that you do have.

With that, thank you for reading and once you give thanks to the bugs and/or rodents in your home, give Quik Kill Pest Eliminators a call and let us help you have a pest free home. 800-525-0505.