Some Surprising Facts About Bed Bugs

Recently the website posted a graphic listing some surprising facts about bed  bugs. We’re in the bed bug extermination businesses and even we were surprised by a couple of the tidbits, especially when they showed the rise in bed bug infestations. Of course we know that the pests are on the rise all across the United States, but seeing the numbers graphically makes it hit home.

For example, the site estimates over the past few years in the U.S., the bed bug population has risen by 500%. Another alarming stat shows the rise in reports of bed bugs in New York City Schools. In the past year, the sitings have risen 300%. It just goes to show that these little pests have begun to pop up everywhere.

Many times people think of bed bugs as a big city problem, especially New York City. But New York City is actually ranked 7th when the top ten bed bug cities are listed. Ahead of NYC are Cincinatti, OH, Columbus, OH, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI and Washington, D. C.

An interesting survey was also highlighted in the graphic. It asked people where they were most worried about picking up bed bugs. Of course hotels and public transporation were mentioned most frequently. Even though those polled were concerned about bringing the pests home, 54% of respondents stated they had not changed their behaviour to avoid picking up the bugs.

  • Below are a few tips that were listed to help avoid bed bugs when you’re traveling and simply out and about.
  • Wash and inspect clothing upon returning from vacation.
  • Check your hotel room for bed bugs. Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress. Also check the area next to the bed and the luggage rack.
  • Inspect and vacuum your suitcase when you return home from a trip.
  • Wash any new clothing you purchase before you wear it or before you put it in your closet or dresser.
  • Examine second hand furniture before you bring it into your house.
  • Inspect dressing rooms before trying on clothes.

And always remember if you do see signs of bed bugs in your home, call a pest elimination company right away. In the long run it will save you many sleepless nights (literally). Give us a call and we will be happy to inspect your house and suggest the best and safest solution to your pest problem. Quik Kill Pest Eliminators 800-525-0505