Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Pest Control Company

Have you been struggling to keep bugs from invading your home this spring? Many bugs arrived a little early this year so homeowners have had to face the decision of hiring a pest management company or find a DIY solution for their infestation. If you have been trying to decide how to erradicate a pest problem in your home or business, here are some reasons we believe hiring a pest control professional is the safest and most effective route to choose. 

  1. Protect your family from disease and health complications. Not only are bugs and rodents unpleasant to find in your home but they also carry a variety of diseases with them. Roaches are know to carry dysentery and typhoid. Rodents can spread diseases such as tapeworm and Salmonella which is especially a problem for humans considering how much rodents love our pantries and the food stored there.
  2. Your house will be cleaner. Pests leave behind quite a mess. One way to detect bed bugs and cockroaches is by observing the bug dirt (feces) they leave behind. Rodents also  leave feces and urine not to mention the nests they can create within your home.
  3. No surprises in your cabinets, bathroom or basement. Have you flipped on the light in a dark room only to be greeted by a roach scurrying to hide? Hiring a pest exterminator to administer regular treatments to your home will erradicate those surprise guests.
  4. Avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals. Many homeowners that decide to control pests with chemicals purchased at the hardware store may risk exposing themselves and their families to harmful chemicals. Using the wrong kind or incorrect amounts of pesticides can be very dangerous. A professional pest management technician is trained specifically to recommend the safest and most effective solution for your pest problem.
  5. Protect your investment.  Pests of all shapes and sizes can wreck havoc in your home. From termites eating away at the wood in your house, to moths that lay eggs in your clothing and rodents that can chew their way through your pantry. Spending some money on prevention can mean saving big dollars in the long run.

If you do suspect you have a pest problem, give us a call and we will be happy to inspect your surroundings and suggest the best and safest solution to your pest problem. Quik Kill Pest Eliminators 800-525-0505