One More Reason To Hire A Professional

Our last post we discussed reasons to hire a pest control professional instead of trying to take care of the problem yourself. Apparently we were ahead of our time, because this week one of the hottest stories in the pest world is a study that was published in the June 3 issue of the Journal of Economic Entomology. The findings showed DIY bug bombs are ineffective when trying to eliminate bed bugs.
Susan Jones, author of the study and urban entomologist at Ohio State University’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development, said “There has always been this perception and feedback from the pest-management industry that over-the-counter foggers are not effective against bed bugs and might make matters worse, but up until now there has been no published data regarding the efficacy of foggers against bed bugs. If you use these products, you will not get the infestation under control, you will waste your money, and you will delay effective treatment of your infestation.”
It doesn’t get anymore straightforward than that. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, hire a professional.
So how did the study reach this conclusion? Ohio State University researchers tested three different foggers that a shopper might find at their local hardware store. They administered the foggers for two hours to five groups of live bed bugs. The chemicals had little effect on the bugs. When the fogging begins, bed bugs will hide in cracks and crevices to avoid the fog. For insects that do come into contact with the mist, they may be resistant and can survive the treatment.
Jones also said “the ineffective use of these products can lead to further resistance in insects.”
One other downfall of using foggers is they may make your bed bug problem worse because it can cause the bugs to scatter throughout your house, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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