Traveling This Summer? Don’t Bring Home This Souvenir

Like thousands of Americans you may be setting out for your summer vacations soon and for many of you that will mean a stay in a hotel. Because of the constant flow of visitors, hotels have become an all too common place to pick up bed bugs.

If you are planning on staying at a hotel, your first priority when you get into your room should be to place your luggage in the bathtub. It may seem strange advice, but believe us, this is the safest place for your bags while you inspect the room. Some people have even begun to travel with large garbage bags to keep their luggage in while they are on vacation.

Once your luggage is stowed in the bathroom (or garbage bag), head to the bed and start checking for signs of bed bugs. Pull back the bedspread and sheets and inspect the mattress & box spring. Also check along the floor under the bed. If bed bugs are present, you will see small red to reddish brown spots.

Another way bed bugs hitch a ride into your home is on your pets. So if you decide to take Fido on the family vacation there are a few rules you will need to follow to keep him bed bug free. First, don’t bring your pet into the hotel room until after you have inspected the area. If you have brought along a pet bed, consider keeping it in the bathroom where bed bugs are less likely to hang out. When you get home, you will want to wash the pet bedding in the hottest water possible to help kill any critters you may have brought home.

Unfortunately, even if you take all of these precautions in your hotel room, you may still wind up with bed bugs. The pests have even invaded popular summer hangouts like movie theaters, restaurants, spas, buses and trains so when you return home from your trip you will want to vacuum all of your suitcases and wash all of your clothing in hot water if possible. Also beware of the souvenirs you bring home. Thoroughly inspect stuffed animals, hats, pillows and if it’s safe for the item, also send it through the washer.

If you still manage to bring home bed bugs, call a professional first. Bed bugs can be more difficult to eradicate than cockroaches, termites or ants. It was recently proven that the use of insect foggers do a poor job of killing the pest and may even cause the bed bug population to disperse, making control more difficult. (Click here to read the article.) It will save you time spent itching and money in the long run, if you have a certified pest management company treat bed bugs right away.

Quik Kill Pest Eliminators can help you evaluate if you have a bug problem and suggest how to have a pest free home. Give them a call at 800-525-0505.