Fruit Flies Invading Your Summer Harvest?

If you are like many midwesterners, you are still enjoying late summer fruits and vegetables. There is nothing better than cutting open a peach straight from the tree or slicing a tomato still warm from the sun, but there is also nothing worse, than anticipating that burst of flavor only to realize that your harvest is being enjoyed by fruit flies.
It seems like the tiny pests materialize out of nothing and gardeners and farmer’s market shoppers alike are left wondering, how the heck did these little boogers get indoors? As with most things, there is a scientific explanation for why the flies seem to always find the best of our veggies. Fruit flies are able to find fruit and vegetables from long distances because they detect the yeast that is produced by fermenting food. Unfortunately for homeowners, the pests have little trouble entering our houses because they are so tiny. They can even fit through most window screens.
So how can you prevent fruit flies? Your children would probably say, quit buying fruits and vegetables, but too bad for them, that probably won’t happen. Instead here are some tips from the National Pest Management Association:

  • If you keep fresh fruit on the counter, check it often for signs of over-ripening or decay.  Over-ripe fruit should be disposed of in a sealed trash can, outdoors.  A female fruit fly lays an average of 500 eggs on the surface of fermenting fruit. You don’t want those eggs hatching in your kitchen trash can!
  • Run your garbage disposal regularly.  Fruit flies LOVE the decaying food matter that accumulates down the drain.
  • Wash or replace mops and sponges regularly. They also LOVE the old food particles these cleaning items gather.
  • Don’t keep dirty dishes around. Dirtied dishes gathered in your sink, particularly those with fruit remnants, and soiled dishes that sit for too long in an un-run dishwasher can also invite these flies.

We hope these tips help and you will be able to enjoy a few more servings of your summer bounty because of it!
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