West Nile Upate For Illinois

On our Facebook page, we’ve tried to keep you updated on the most recent West Nile news for Illinois. and has been causing the largest outbreak of West Nile that the United States has seen since 2004. In Illinois, the number of cases of the disease are dramatically on the rise, with the number of humans infected nearly doubling from last week to a total of 48.
The health department reports almost all the cases in our state have turned up in Cook, Dupage, Lake, Kane and Kankakee counties. Luckily the number of people contracting the disease is still far below the Illinois peak 10 years ago when there was a total of 884 humans sick and 67 people who died as a result of the virus. Continue reading

West Nile Carrying Mosquito On The Rise

Earlier this week, we posted an article about the rise in the number of mosquitoes that carry the dangerous West Niles virus. While the overall population of mosquitoes in our area is low, the Culex mosquito is actually rising. Luckily, as of last week, no one in Illinois had contracted the disease but public health agencies are always tracking the insects so they are prepared if an outbreak does occur. Continue reading