How To Avoid Spring Cleaning Surprises

Here in the midwest the first day of spring usually doesn’t feel much like spring. But this year with the early warm weather snap, you can bet everyone is anxious to get a jump start on those projects that would normally have to wait for April and even May.

Of course, spring cleaning is on the top of many homeowners lists. If you are cleaning out attics or basements that really haven’t been touched for the past few months, there may be a good chance you will come across some little “surprises” along the way. With the unusually warm weather, we have already heard from many of you about the early invasion of ants and knats, but we have also heard a couple of people say things like, “my house is full of bugs I’ve never seen before.” Continue reading

Spiders Invading This Fall?

Many times with the first cold snap of Autumn, our homes seem to be invaded by a variety of spiders. Typically spiders are happiest outdoors where they have access to a plentiful and frequent supply of insect snacks. But when the climate outside become less than favorable (too cold, too dry or too wet) they look for an environment that is more comfortable. Continue reading