Protect Your Home From Termites

One of the worst pests that can invade your home is the notorious termite. The reasons are obvious. Left unchecked termites can literally eat you out of house and home.  In Illinois and the majority of the US the most common species of termite is the Eastern subterranean termite. They are called subterranean because they survive by building nests underground which provides moisture and an optimal temperature for the pest to survive. They connect to their food source via mud tunnels and unfortunately these tunnels many times lead straight into the wood of your home. Continue reading

How To Avoid Spring Cleaning Surprises

Here in the midwest the first day of spring usually doesn’t feel much like spring. But this year with the early warm weather snap, you can bet everyone is anxious to get a jump start on those projects that would normally have to wait for April and even May.

Of course, spring cleaning is on the top of many homeowners lists. If you are cleaning out attics or basements that really haven’t been touched for the past few months, there may be a good chance you will come across some little “surprises” along the way. With the unusually warm weather, we have already heard from many of you about the early invasion of ants and knats, but we have also heard a couple of people say things like, “my house is full of bugs I’ve never seen before.” Continue reading

Some Surprising Facts About Bed Bugs

Recently the website posted a graphic listing some surprising facts about bed  bugs. We’re in the bed bug extermination businesses and even we were surprised by a couple of the tidbits, especially when they showed the rise in bed bug infestations. Of course we know that the pests are on the rise all across the United States, but seeing the numbers graphically makes it hit home. Continue reading

Pests Like Mild Winters Too

Here in the Midwest we have been enjoying and speculating about our unusually warm winter this year. We’ve heard many people say they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Could it mean that we will get slammed with a blizzard in March or will our summer be blazing hot? One question we’ve been asking, if the mild weather continues, will we be hit with higher numbers of pesky bugs? Continue reading

What’s Under Your Sink?

Every year the U.S. Poison Control Centers receives thousands of calls regarding children’s exposure to household pesticides. It’s bad enough to think about what our toddlers pick up off the floor and put in their mouth but it is even more frightening when they go exploring under your sink. The fact is many of the sprays and powders we purchase to help rid our homes of dangerous pests can actually end up harming our families if not used correctly and kept out of reach of young children. And even though these chemicals are labeled with various warnings, it is not uncommon for adults to use and store pesticides incorrectly. Continue reading

Make Fleas Flee

Last week we were speaking to the owner of a pet sitting service. She had just taken on a new client and was planning on caring for the client’s animals while they were on vacation. The client lives on a farm so the animals are outdoors or are in barns. The pet sitter was very concerned about bringing home fleas from such an environment and wanted to know if we had some suggestions for how to prevent bringing fleas home to her own pets. Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s January and even though in Illinois we have experienced some unseasonably warm temperatures, we know that the frigid blast is right around the corner. Humans aren’t the only ones who try to stay indoors when the temp starts to drop. Rodents and cockroaches also try to find shelter from the cold. Unfortunately that means the little “snowbirds” are going to try and winter over in our homes. Continue reading

I’ll Take My Christmas Cookies Pest Free

Many bakers and novice bakers find great joy in creating culinary treats for the holidays. But few things can gross a baker out more than finding bugs in their flour or sugar. Some baking items like sprinkles and jimmies are used sparingly in our homes and instead of throwing it out a year ago, you may have decided to save them thinking you might make cut-out cookies for valentines day or Easter. But low and behold (it happens to all of us) you never got around to making those cookies and instead the sprinkles sat in the cupboard for an entire year. Continue reading

What Have You Got To Be Thankful For?

During this week of Thanksgiving, we hear from many people and businesses and all of the things they are thankful for. Quik Kill is no different. We are using our Facebook and Twitter accounts as one way to list what we want to give thanks for.

One of the blessings we will list this week are bugs and pests. It probably seems obvious, but without these little critters, Quik Kill wouldn’t exist and you would never have a reason to call us. While we were thinking about why we are thankful for bugs, it brought to mind another story about giving thanks for bugs, in particular, fleas. Continue reading