Our Love Hate Relationship With Rodents

If you are a parent you know what we’re talking about when we say “love/hate relationship”.  Generations of us have grown up loving the eternally perky Micky Mouse. Middle aged adults fell in love with a tiny immigrant mouse named Fievel in American Tale and current youngsters have Remy the French chef who also happens to be a rat. Yum.

Unfortunately, while our cartoon friends are cute, furry and typically helpful, their brethren that invade our homes are rather destructive and quite frankly dangerous to our health. Continue reading

Spiders Invading This Fall?

Many times with the first cold snap of Autumn, our homes seem to be invaded by a variety of spiders. Typically spiders are happiest outdoors where they have access to a plentiful and frequent supply of insect snacks. But when the climate outside become less than favorable (too cold, too dry or too wet) they look for an environment that is more comfortable. Continue reading

Quik Kill Pest Eliminators, Inc–first Illinois GREENPRO Co.

With “green” methods being employed in so many industries, it is with great pride that Quik Kill announces that it is the first Pest Service company in Illinois to earn this highly coveted designation.  While Environmental Stewardship is nothing new to this company, it only made sense to take the next step and earn the right to be a “GreenPro” designated company.  GreenPro is one of several  NPMA designations that Quik Kill holds.  Others include:  Quality Pro, and Quality Pro Schools (they were the first in the US to earn this status).  To learn more about:  the GreenPro Designation.

Quik Kill joins the ranks of bloggers!!

As I was contemplating what to write about for our first blog entry, a couple thoughts came to me. The first was that I should take the time to thank the ever indulgent Frank Andorka.

Frank is quite a guy, and definitely deserves his place among the finest in the pest control industry. If you’d like to check out Franks blog, just click on the name back there.

Next on the list was the situation with Bed Bugs. I pulled that information from the University of Kentucky. Written by Mike Potter.

The re-emergence of the Bed Bug is creating quite a stir. I know from personal experience that the calls coming in are now more frequent—with more and more residences experiencing this problem. An interesting story is this one about the Bed Bugs.
With all the “noise” out there about concern about this pest problem, it is nice to know that we have several experts in the field to help keep everyone on track. And, speaking of experts,

I would also like to take the time to thank Mr. Tim Baietto, President of Quik Kill for helping to make all of this possible.

So, until next, time…keep inspecting, assessing, learning and applying.